What this project will accomplish!

With your help during the entire month of June, Wally Graeber, Growing Power-Madison and Slow Food UW will raise funds to plant Twenty (20) Community Supported Agriculture plots in the South Madison neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin for low-income residents. 

Help low-income families grow their own food,feed themselves, and sell excess produce to local farmer's markets. Wally Graeber and Slow Food UW are partnering with the South Madison Farmer's Market to head a backyard farming project this summer supporting low income families in the South Madison neighborhood. Help us by:

The multiple ways to vote:

1) Text 106718 to Pepsi (73774) to VOTE for our project.

You can even do this by just scanning the QR code below with any smartphone.

2) Sign in and vote via Facebook at http://www.refresheverything.com/food

3) Send us your Power Votes Codes on Pepsi, Diet, Pepsi and Pepsi Max bottle caps and cardboard packages to wemadinfo@gmail.com or (262) 293-6232.

4) More importantly spread the word about our project to your friends, family and community members. Give us ideas on how to get the word out to supporters!

We are fortunate enough to be an candidate for a $25,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant Award. 
We need YOU to VOTE everyday via text and http://www.refresheverything.com/food

Our Budget is as follows: 
Task: Purchase materials for new backyard plots  
How? Find local dealers in equipment and materials that will help the cause  
Supplies! Needed! Soil, compost, drip irrigation lines, raised garden beds, seed, plants  

Task:Transport materials to each property and food to farmers market  
How? Find volunteers to drive and harvest materials  
Supplies! refrigerated trailer  

Task: Recruit volunteers to help install gardens  
How? Create internship positions for credit on campus.  
Supplies! Manual labor  

Task:Find fertile land to plant on  
How? Approach community organizations that help in the neighborhood.  
Supplies! land use agreement